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Please take time to go through this email, this is a company who I have spoken to and you can see from the content what they are offering YOU and your local website/s

Some of their partners are making 10s of £1,000s (£10,000) per month from their sites. (see below)

This is an extra stream of income from your site, and it will cost you nothing to have this set up on your website, our support team will set this up from info YOU supply them with.

 Go through the email, reach out to Alex and take advantage of this EXTRA income stream

 Kind Regards Steve

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for your time a moment ago. It was good to talk with you. As discussed, please see all the information and examples below:

I wanted to see if you'd be interested in hosting job content across your site? We are WHATJOBS Search, one of the UK's leading job search engines. We have over 1m live jobs at any one time and I'd like to advertise these vacancies across your franchised sites.

The way we work is that we get paid a cost per click. That figure varies from 9p upto £1.50 per click with the average being 15p. We can then offer your franchisees a 70% revenue share, meaning they can make even more money from their sites while also massively enhancing the user experience on site.

We would only ever look for the sites to host the content that is local to them. I'm a firm believe in working with companies to ensure they provide the best jobs for their users meaning that you get paid more.

Here are some examples of sites that have incorporated our structured API into their site. It can be styled to match your site, as these have been.




These sites have incorporated the API into their existing job board



In an average month, we pay out well over £150K to our publishers and partners, with some partners earning tens of thousands of pounds per month. It really depends on the quantity of the traffic you can send over and it's very much a case of you'll get out what you put in.


We track everything in our Publisher Portal so you can see how much you are earning daily. With reference to the payment, we confirm traffic/revenue by email on the 1st working day of the month for the previous month's traffic and pay within 2 weeks (min payment £50, otherwise this rolls over).


So to summarize, I want to make you some more money, while enhancing your users experience while on your site. There's really no negative to working with us!


My full contact details are below:

Alex McDowell

Global Traffic & Partnership Manager

Leading innovation in online recruitment

T:  +44 203 997 9777

M: +44 790 043 8208

W:  whatjobs.com


Suite G47, 2 Venture House, Arlington Square, Downshire Way, Bracknell, RG12 1WA


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