Master Franchise

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“Our Master Franchise are for those that want to expand their business and profits”

Our Master Franchise starts with just 5 postcodes, regions, or one USA state. It will enable you to also act as a Franchisor and still enjoy HUGE profits. The Master Franchise is very scalable.
You can add more locations on an ongoing basis.

  • Full re franchise rights, you can sublet, resale, or re franchise ANY location you have.
  • Retain FULL franchise ownership at all times
  • Set your own ingoing fee
  • Set your own monthly management fee
  • Your websites can be mixed from ANY country, use our “Pick & Mix” system for any postcode or area
  • Acquire locations/websites from ANY country, ANY Continent, or USA state
  • 50% discount on ingoing
  • Payment over 6 months. Excellent ROI and makes the opportunity self-financing
  • Working directly with the MD on your Global expansion



  • You can purchase between 5-19 websites from ANY country which can come from a mixture of countries, and pay just £399 per website (normal price £798) you resale or re franchise at any price you set. Payment is over 6 months
  • Monthly management fee is just £120 per website (normal price £147)


Our Master Franchise is very popular around the world and is aimed at the budding entrepreneur those eager for success. Start with 5 websites and build towards our Corporate Franchise

Please contact us for further details on the Master Franchise using the Contact Us tab