Postcode Area Sales Income Calculator

1% of Market Share

There are 4 revenue streams per website

This postcode area sales income calculator will enable you to see the HUGE income potential you have within YOUR postcode area.

Remember ANY business can place an ad on your website.
Each advertiser will have their own FREE sales web page

We know the average spend of a UK online advertiser is £166 per month

1% of Market Share,  that is YOUR target from each postcode area you hold. The 1% is JUST from Business advertisers.

This is the magical number you should set your business around. This Income calculator is set at 1%. Follow the directions below to see what happens to your income once you hit 1% of Market Share.

You should be using ALL the tools within your members area to build towards that IMPORTANT 1% as this is where the BIG Income is.

Here is how it works

To see the HUGE Income potential you have within your postcode area,
enter the first two letters of your postcode
and hit the Submit Button

Follow the boxes

Box 1

Enter the first two letters of your postcode

(example BS or DE)

Hit the Submit button

To show you the number of businesses in your Postcode area

Box 2

This is the number of businesses in your Postcode Area

Box 3

This box will enable you (based on 1%) to choose the % of businesses that could place
an advertisement on your website

Enter the % of businesses, then Hit the Submit button above, and on the left hand side is the number of businesses placing an advertisement. (enter your % figure example 0.25, 1, 5 etc)

Box 4

This is your “potential” monthly income based of your chosen % of businesses from within your postcode area placing an advertisement.
This is based on the average spend of £166 per month


Even if you cut the average spend of UK advertiser to £83, or £40 per month,
the monthly income is huge